Broadly I am interested in deep learning and computer vision. More specifically, I am interested in:

Adversarial Machine Learning
Self-Supervised Learning
Learning with Synthetic Imagery


"Revisiting Batch Norm Initialization"
J. Davis, L. Frank
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), October 2022 - 28.4% Acceptance
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"Confidence-Driven Hierarchical Classification of Cultivated Plant Stresses"
L. Frank, C. Wiegman, J. Davis, and S. Shearer
IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), January 2021 - 35.4% Acceptance
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"A Framework for Explainable Deep Neural Models Using External Knowledge Graphs"
Z. Daniels, L. Frank, C. Menart, M. Raymer, and P. Hitzler
SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing: AI and ML for Multi-Domain Operations Applications Track, April 2020

Preprint / In Submission

"Data-Free Knowledge Distillation Using Adversarially Perturbed OpenGL Shader Images"
L. Frank, J. Davis
arXiv:2310.13782 [cs.CV], October 20, 2023