I do not teach anymore. I will leave the project instructions and midterm materials I created because my students found them helpful.

NOTE: I am not liable for any points being deducted because I happened to miss something in my instructions. My instructions are mostly complete but you should read the original instructions first and use mine as a supplement. Also, do not cheat and do not email me about SW1 or my instructions (any other inquiries are fine - I am happy to answer any of your questions about research or grad school or other computer science stuff).

Project 1: Personal Website

Project 2: Newton

Project 3: Pseudoscience

Project 4: RSS Reader

Project 5: RSS Aggregator

Project 6: NaturalNumber Root

Project 7: XML Tree Expression Evaluator

Project 8: Cryptographic Utilities

Project 9: String Reassembly From Fragments

Project 10: Glossary

Project 11: Natural Number Calculator

Sample Midterm 1 Available here!

Sample Midterm 1 Key here!

Midterm 2 Study Guide here!

Midterm 2 Study Guide Key here!